Custom RF Assemblies & Microwave Assemblies

Insulflex manufactures a wide variety of custom RF & Microwave assemblies. This includes RG-58, RG-59, RG-62, LMR, Low Loss, semi-rigid and RG-6 coaxial cables in Quad Shield and Tri Shield with BNC, F and other connectors.

Our cable assemblies can be built from any number of materials and completed with connectors in almost any configuration, including right-angle connections.

Quick turn is key, and Insulflex can support your needs in a matter of days.

Quality and Testing

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we specialize in simple and complex RF applications for a wide variety of industries.

Each product and each build is subject to multiple in-process inspections. A final inspection, documented with our high-end ERP system, provides first-article quality for every one of our assemblies.

Low PIM RF Cable Assemblies

Designed and manufactured with materials and processes to reduce generation of intermodulation, all Low PIM Cables from Insulflex are 100% PIM tested to assure performance.

Low VSWR RF Cable Assemblies

For applications that demand low VSWR, low insertion and low PIM cable assemblies; Insulflex offers semi-rigid and corrugated cable assemblies with factory silver soldered N and DIN connectors.

Assembled using the latest soldering equipment for years of performance reliability. Each assembly is tested for insertion loss, VSWR and PIM rating based on the customers requirements. Available using flexible or super flexible corrugated cables with a standard or fire retardant jacket.

Some of the cables and connectors we work with….

RF Cables

RG-62 RG-59RG-58 RG-174 RG-213
RG-6 RG-11 RG-142 RG-122
RG-223 735/734 DS3 RG-316

RF Connectors

*SMB & BNC may also be used for (DS3) Coax Solutions