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Custom Wire Harnesses

Insulflex builds custom wire harnesses to the many specifications of our customers. Our Engineering department is dedicated to finding the right product for each of your applications. Our sole focus is to develop a reliable, custom wire harness tailored to your exact needs.

Custom Wire Harness Services

  • We provide quick turn manufacturing of prototypes as well as production volumes.
  • We can incorporate custom colors in a wire harness, minimizing training time and speeding up installation and maintenance.
  • We can provide customized cable coding and labelling.
  • We automate manufacturing whenever possible, including stripping, crimping, labelling and tie-wrapping, to decrease manufacturing time and increase quality.


  • Each part of the manufacturing process is logged in our high-end ERP system, allowing us to create repeat builds that maintain exactly the same quality as the first.
  • Each step and every operator is monitored, and testing is performed at several stages within the manufacturing process. Every finished piece is also 100% tested according to our customers testing specifications and requirements.

Cost-Effective Value Engineering

  • We manufacture wire harnesses to suit your needs, and suggest cost effective components for maximum value.
  • We can design and build high volume runs, then store and ship the wire harnesses as needed, or create a small initial run and execute as many repeat builds as is required.
  • We are very flexible for our customers and can build high-mix/low-volume runs based on any requirement.
  • Our team of engineers will work from your drawings or help you develop custom wire harnesses that keep training and installation times to a minimum.
  • We work with our customers to create complete documentation, making future builds as dependable as the first.
  • Individual quality reports are available by production batch if required.

Industries Served:
  • Aerospace wire harnesses
  • Broadcast wire harnesses
  • Communications wire harnesses
  • Transportation (Railway) wire harnesses
  • Defense wire harnesses
  • Microwave & RF Communications wire harnesses
  • Internet IP & Fiber Optic Technology wire harnesses
  • Medical Equipment wire harnesses
  • Telecom Equipment wire harnesses
  • Simulator Technology wire harnesses