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The Insulflex Quality Policy

Our commitment at Insulflex is to always exceed our client’s expectations. To meet their requirements and enhance customer satisfaction we work hard to create an environment for our employees that encourages the continuous improvement of our products, services and systems.

Quality is at the core of everything we do at Insulflex.

The focus of every team member, system, component, equipment selection, process and procedure is about quality. Every decision we make is about how better to manufacture. It’s part of our commitment to you!

Our Team

Quality at Insulflex begins with our people. Our staff is committed to achieving the highest quality standards. The Insulflex team is knowledgeable, experienced, well trained and committed to quality in every aspect of what we do. That commitment is a hiring prerequisite, and quality training begins on day one.

Training is core to our Quality

Every new team member at Insulflex receives core quality training and instruction. Our quality control staff reinforce and teach the importance of quality, terminology, as well as understanding all production and quality standards, procedures and documentation.


Part of our quality process includes first part inspection of every new component and vendor. We verify that each component meets all specified standards. We check all incoming wire and cable to assure correct conductor and insulation composition. If required or requested, crucial components are 100% inspected.

Equipment & Tooling Maintenance

All tooling is subject to the Insulflex preventative maintenance program to ensure their compliance with our standards of quality and performance. Once a tool has been cycled a predetermined quality allotment, it is removed from production, disassembled, cleaned and all internal components are thoroughly checked for wear. After reassembly, the tools are again checked and tested to assure their quality and performance standards. Equipment and tools are as well calibrated following documented procedures and schedules that meet or exceed manufacturer’s recommendations. We are committed to only delivering problem free parts of the highest quality.

Manufacturing & Testing

Insulflex insistence on quality at every stage of our manufacturing process guarantees quality and consistency in every part we produce. Each manufacturing process has easy to follow step by step instructions with visual aids. Lean, quality-focused work cells, build and test each custom product. Meticulous verification and testing procedures are all part of ensuring the highest standards and consistency in all aspects of the production process.

Standards & Certification

We are RoHS, UL and CSA compliant. As required by our customers, we develop and implement testing programs to meet custom requirements.