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Where can I get more information about your company?

Please see the About Us section of our website. Here you will find detailed information regarding our company’s beginnings, team members, and office locations. Click this link to obtain more information about our manufacturing timeline.

What are your business hours?

Normal business hours for our corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas are Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 5:30pm Central Standard Time. Typically, sales staff will be available to take calls shortly before and after normal business hours. Please dial “0” as the extension to reach our sales team before or after hours.

What is a typical product manufacturing timeline? (Idea to mass production)

Every manufacturing project timeline varies depending on complexity and at which stage of the manufacturing processes timeline of the project Cypress Industries becomes involved. A typical manufacturing timeline for a product manufactured in China from product idea origination to mass production is listed below (please click to enlarge the design and manufacturing process timeline):

The manufacturing timeline listed above is an approximation for products of average complexity. Projects that are less complicated or further along in the overall process when Cypress becomes involved may experience much quicker timelines. Likewise, more complex projects may experience significantly longer lead times. Clients not requiring certain services such as design and/or tooling may experience shorter lead times as well. The production and lead times listed above are assuming the product is being manufactured in China and not the U.S. Manufacturing a product in the U.S. may shorten the lead times, but will also most likely increase tooling and piece part costs.

How can I inquire about a prospective manufacturing project, product, or idea?

Online Ordering is available for standardized products such as connectors. Fiber Cables and Bulk Cable will be available for online ordering soon.

For custom projects, products or ideas, generally it will be necessary to speak with one of our sales representatives. That can be done via email: Or by calling directly during normal business hours.

What is your minimum order or production size?

Minimum order sizes vary depending on the type of product being manufactured, where the product is being manufactured, and the unit cost. One of the biggest factors determining minimum order size is where the product is being manufactured: –

U.S. Manufacturing – For U.S. Manufacturing we typically do not have a minimum order size, although we do have a minimum dollar amount. Our minimum dollar amount per transaction is $100 for new customers. We do small to medium sized production runs at our U.S. Manufacturing location. These vary from one piece to ten thousand pieces per month.

China Manufacturing – For China Manufacturing we typically have a minimum transaction amount of $5,000 USD per order for Ocean Freight. Air Freight can accept smaller dollar orders. Minimum production sizes for China are typically 1,000 pieces for electronic and metal products and can be as high as 10,000 pieces for plastics products.

Is there a form I can fill out to receive a quotation?

Because of our diverse product offering, we currently do not have a standard form for quotation. Please send an email to:

Be sure to include the following information:
Company Name (if applicable)
Contact Name
Phone Number
Fax Number
Website address (if applicable)
Title Drawings (if applicable)
Quantities needed for Quotation

Once your inquiry is received a sales representative will contact you within one business day.

How long does it take to receive a quotation?

Quotation lead times can vary greatly depending on the product complexity and manufacturing locale. Simpler products manufactured in the U.S. will typically require 1-3 days to quote. More complicated projects manufactured in the U.S. can take up to two weeks for quotation.

Simpler standard off-the-shelf products manufactured in China require approximately 1-3 days to be quoted. More involved projects of increased complexity manufactured in China may require up to three weeks for quotation.

What types of product designs does your company specialize in?

Cypress Industries started product design for customers needing assistance with designing for manufacturability, design completion, and making modifications to existing designs. We often receive incomplete product drawings or drawings requiring revisions prior to manufacturing the project properly. In order to expedite our clients’ time to market we have broadened our product offering to include description of product design timeline, product design development, and the corresponding product design cost estimate generation.

Cypress Industries specializes in basic to mid-level design projects for electronic, plastic, and metal products, parts and assemblies. Additionally, Cypress engages in, but is not limited to, aluminum and die casting product design evaluation. In the case complex design work exceeding Cypress’s scope becomes necessary, such as FEA, structural analysis, complex Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, we will refer clients to our design and engineering partners to ensure they get the technical expertise they require.

Cypress Industries typically performs product design work ranging from $100 – $9,000 USD in cost.

What is a typical product design timeline?

Every project design timeline varies depending on its complexity and at what stage Cypress Industries becomes involved in the product design evaluation and/or product design development. A typical description of a product design timeline from a basic product idea to finalized 3D approved drawings is listed below (please click to enlarge description of product design timeline):

The description of a product design timeline provided above is an approximation for a product of average complexity. Some less complex projects, or projects further along in the overall design process may experience much quicker timelines. Likewise, more complex projects may experience significantly longer timelines. Rapid prototyping is recommended for most clients.

Rapid prototyping is used to generate a physical prototype of the design to verify that the design is 100% correct before starting to cut a tool. Once a steel or aluminum tool is made, it is very difficult to make any modifications, and in certain cases it is impossible. Rapid prototyping is an additional cost to the client but is an essential component to the product design evaluation and/or product design development. The client should make clear during the product design evaluation and/or product design development phase whether or not they would like to have a rapid prototype quoted and produced.

Once the client signs off on the design and it heads to the tooling phase, Cypress Industries is responsible for building to the design, not making sure the design works perfectly. We recommend all our clients review designs to make sure they will work, and get rapid prototypes made to confirm their functionality.

What is a typical design cost?

An estimate of design cost is difficult to approximate. With some firms design costs can range from $5,000 to well over $1,000,000 USD depending on project/product complexity and the size of the design firm. Cypress Industries does not produce such designs.

Cypress’s typical design costs ranges from $100 to $9,000. The low range of the estimate of design cost could be just a minor modification to an existing design, and the high end could be a comprehensive design from scratch of a retail product with moderate complexity. Most basic to average complexity designs with no drawings provided by the client range from $1,000 to $3,000 USD.

Rapid prototyping costs vary greatly depending on the part. These can cost from $500 to $10,000 or more depending on the size and complexity of the part.

Can you take my idea and create drawings?

Yes. After an initial product design consultation with a client, either by phone or in person, we will have a clearer more refined understanding of the your specific product evaluation and/or product design needs. During this initial discussion period, we will work with you to generate a Scope of Work, which will list your design requirements and “wish list.” This Scope of Work will aid us in solidifying our understanding of your project and serve as a guide through the design evaluation and development process. Once this process is concluded your design should be complete within one to two weeks. This design can be used to generate formal quotations from Cypress Industries and/or other manufacturers.

What software packages do you use?

Cypress Industries has the ability to read most all design software packages. Our U.S. operations design in Pro-E (Pro Engineer), while our China factories use Pro-E and Solidworks. If you are going to send us drawings for either modification or quotation, we prefer they be in the following formats:

Pro-E (Pro Engineer) Solidworks
Autocad IGS

Will you compete with design firms bringing you business?

Absolutely not, Cypress Industries respects our channels and will not compete with design firms whom bring us manufacturing projects. Typically, we do not compete with most design firms, because we do not take on large design projects. Rather, as mentioned, we refer the most complex projects to design firms that refer us projects in return.

In addition, we will sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) with design firms first (and clients) to ensure their data is kept proprietary. If customers ask Cypress Industries to quote them design directly, we will not do so without first consulting with the design firm and obtaining their permission (typically we will just tell the client no)

What type of tools do you produce?

By acting as both a domestic producer and international exporter of machine tooling from Asia, Cypress Industries manufactures a large variety of custom design tooling. These include custom designed tools for plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, metal injection molding, metal die casting, aluminum extrusions, investment casting, permanent mold, sand casting, machining fixtures, deep drawn stamping, and progressive die stamping.

Tools for plastic injection molding can be made for either mass production or prototype tooling (including rapid prototype tooling). The term prototype tooling can be a misnomer because, depending on the plastic material and type of part, we can typically get anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 parts out of an aluminum prototype tool. For more information on prototype tooling please visit our Aluminum Tooling in the U.S. page. For more detailed information on tooling, please choose from the categories on our plastics tooling page.

Mass production custom design tooling for plastic injection molding can also be manufactured in a variety of metals in both the US and China, as Cypress is an exporter of machine tooling from Asia. Typically we will use P20 tool steel for production tools unless specifically requested by the client to quote a harder metal like H13 tool steel. Our clients will normally specify up front if they desire a H13 tool able to run at least 1,000,000 parts. This realistically can only be achieved with H13 tool steel. P20 tool steel will typically run 500,000 parts. These quantities vary greatly depending on the type of material being run (how abrasive is the plastic?) to the shape of the part and the tonnage of the machine.

For high volume metal products, it is not uncommon for there to be no charge for additional custom tooling once a tool is worn out. This is normally due to the lower cost of most metal tools and tooling steel. Most of the time our clients will not realize tool rework charges when running high volumes of metal parts unless the tooling price is very high and the piece part price uncharacteristically low.

Where do you produce tools?

Cypress Industries manufactures tooling both in the United States and in China. With this extent of manufacturing capabilities, Cypress is able to manufacture custom tooling in China and export the machine tooling from Asia back into the US. This depends on the needs of our clients. Tools manufactured in China are typically much less expensive, although the lead-time to get parts to the U.S. can be longer. Clients needing custom steel tools manufactured quickly, or needing lower run prototype aluminum tooling will typically choose to have their tools manufactured in the U.S.

We have extremely large facilities for custom design tooling in China, and more moderate facilities for quick turn United States tooling.

How does the tooling process work and what is a typical tooling timeline?

Cypress Industries follows a very standard machine tooling supply process. It is very important the tooling process be followed properly so the client receives the best possible custom designed tool for their parts. If this is not done properly, tooling problems may arise such as longer cycle times, which will lead to higher unit costs. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible tooling for their unique situation.

Every product’s tooling timeline varies depending on its complexity and at what stage Cypress Industries becomes involved. A typical timeline for a basic tool from receiving drawings to the final parts being approved is listed below (please click to enlarge):

The timeline provided above is an approximation for a product of average complexity. Some less complex projects may experience quicker timelines. Likewise, more complex projects may experience significantly longer timelines.

What are the typical costs for tooling?

Tooling costs can vary greatly depending on both the project and where the tool is built. Please visit our Plastics Tooling page to see a chart of estimated tooling costs for different sized products and manufacturing locations.

Will you manufacture tools for me to run elsewhere?

Yes, Cypress Industries manufactures about 30% of its custom tools for customers just needing tooling. We call this “tooling for export” when manufacturing in China. Cypress will accommodate your need to have your tool made in China and act as an exporter of your tool from Asia to the US. If you deliver us drawings, or hire us to design your part, we will manufacture tooling and package it for shipping to your location. Please make sure you tell your salesperson you are interested in tooling for export, because if we are manufacturing tools in China and export them, certain duties need to be included in the quotation.

What type of manufacturing do you do?

Cypress Industries performs a wide variety of electronics, plastics, and metals contract manufacturing at both our domestic and Asia facilities. Our U.S. facilities are designed for low to moderate volume projects requiring shorter lead times whereas Cypress is a contract manufacturing service supplier in Asia. Our China electronic, plastic, and metal manufacturing facilities are designed for moderate to high volume projects.

In the United States, Cypress Industries manufactures electronic products, cables, box builds, plastic injection molding, custom tooling, precision machining, and performs circuit board rework and basic assembly as well as various other associated manufacturing methods.

In China Cypress maintains all the capabilities of the U.S. but also manufactures a full line of metal products as well including: investment casting, sand casting, die casting, metal injection molding, aluminum extrusion and many others.

Cypress Industries also has the ability to combine all of these parts together to deliver you a final assembly, packaged and ready to be delivered to your consumers.

What are manufacturing lead times in the US and China?

Typical manufacturing lead times vary for different types of products and also depending on volumes. For an initial production run in China, the typical lead-time is five weeks for production. After the initial production run, lead times are typically closer to four weeks. In addition, after production in China, freight will take one week by air and approximately five weeks by ocean.

In the U.S. lead-times depend largely on raw material availability. If raw materials are in stock, manufacturing lead times are typically one to three weeks depending on production backlog. If raw materials must be ordered and are not expedited, the additional lead-time will typically be one week.

– China versus U.S. Manufacturing Pros and Cons
Cypress Industries has traditionally manufactured the preponderance of its product in China. Through the years we have found there to be value in maintaining both domestic and China manufacturing capabilities. Our experience shows deciding whether to manufacture either domestically or offshore strictly depends upon the unique needs of each customer.

An obvious benefit to manufacturing in China is the opportunity to drastically reduce production costs. For electronic and metal products our customers have experienced 40-80% manufacturing cost savings depending on labor requirements. In addition, our plastics customers typically experience up to 50% production cost reductions by choosing to produce products offshore depending again on labor requirements. The higher the volumes produced the more cost savings Cypress is able to provide for its customers.

However, manufacturing in China does have a few drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. As a result of the rise in world energy prices, the cost of freight (air and ocean) has also risen substantially in recent years. Additionally, should the client desire a quick-turn production for manufacturing performed in China, the cost of airing goods into the US can be very expensive. Because goods shipped from China to the US via ocean require 5 weeks on the water, our factories in China require longer lead-times.

The major benefits to Cypress’s domestic manufacturing operations are the ability to provide customers with quick turn lower volume production services and the closer proximity of manufacturing activities to customers. Domestic manufacturing requires shorter lead times, and the closer proximity provides substantial cost savings opportunities on freight.

Will you manufacture my previously designed product (e.g. a product based on existing prototypes, designs, or drawings)?

Of course! In fact, approximately 90% of products manufactured by Cypress Industries are based on existing prototypes, designs, or drawings. While your product may have previously been designed elsewhere, Cypress is in an excellent position to assist you in improving those designs by exploring engineering cost-savings options or manufacturability improvements.

How long does it take to ship from China to the US?

Typically, shipping via ocean from China to the US takes approximately 4-5 weeks. Additionally, airfreighting goods into the US takes 7 days for bulk shipments

How much does ocean shipping and air shipping cost from China?

Estimates of China freight shipping costs for air and ocean are shown below. These costs are to be used as estimates only and can vary depending on the season and oil prices.

5-40lbs $8.50/lb
40-100lbs $6.50/lb.
100-150lbs $5.00/lb.
150-1000lbs $4.50/lb.
> 1000lbs $2.50/lb.
20’ container $3800
40’ container $5000
> 1 Pallet $750
> 1 Pallet $550/pallet

** Please NOTE, Cypress Industries is NOT A FREIGHT FORWARDER, these are estimates for freight for our customers only. We do not answer freight questions for anyone other than our customers and potential customers.

*A “less than container load (LCL)” includes shipments that do not fill an entire container on its own and must be consolidated with other LCLs during shipping.

Above is a chart of approximate shipping costs. Shipping rates are functions of many variables and fluctuate quite frequently. The above approximations exclude all associated international duties and tariffs.

Another important factor is where the client takes possession of their goods, and who is responsible for paying each portion of the associated shipping costs. A detailed chart explaining the terminology is listed at the link below.

Which shipping method do you recommend?

Both timing and costs are the major drivers in answering this question. Generally, we recommend ocean shipment for large volume orders. Shipping ocean will allow a lower per pound shipping cost but requires longer lead times. As mentioned above, shipping via ocean typically takes 4-5 weeks. For smaller volume orders for which time is a critical factor we recommend airfreight.

I’m an inventor. What payment terms can I get?

Cypress Industries accepts either a credit card, a prepayment of 100% in advance, or in some cases a minimum prepayment of 75% from inventors.

My company is not located in the US. What terms can I expect?

For smaller orders of $10,000 or less Cypress accepts credit cards and wire transfers in advance from international clients. For larger orders over $10,000 Cypress will accept wire transfers in advance or a letter of credit from its international clients.

What are your credit policies?

Individual Customers (includes firms in business <1 year and inventors):
Credit Card, 100% prepayment or minimum prepayment of 75% for approved customers.

Established Companies:
A standard credit check will be performed where our credit form will need to be signed. In addition, 3 credit and 1 bank reference are required.

Tooling Customers:
50% down and 50% due upon first article approval if a customer has approved credit. Customers without credit will be required to pay 100% down, or in some cases 75% down.

International Customers:
For smaller orders of $10,000 or less Cypress accepts credit cards and wire transfers in advance from international clients. For larger orders over $10,000 Cypress will accept wire transfers in advance or a letter of credit its international clients

Can I download your credit application?

To apply for credit for terms with Cypress Industries, you will need the following forms:

1.Cypress Industries Credit Application
2.Customer Financial Release
3.Texas Resale Certificate (required only if you are a Texas Business)

What types of warranties are offered on Cypress products?

All warranty policies are dependent upon the particular product and its application. Typically, products are insured for one year against manufacture’s defects. This insurance does not include misuse or abuse of the product in question, or damage during transportation. Goods are only returnable upon Cypress’s approval. Returned Material Authorizations (RMAs) will be issued at the sole discretion of Cypress Industries. All orders are non-cancelable non-returnable (NCNR).

What support can I expect after the sale?

Post-sale support can be obtained by calling Cypress Industries during normal business hours 8:30am-5:30pm Central Standard Time. Cypress Industries provides dedicated support to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

How do I get large design files to Cypress so I can get a project quoted?

Do I need a user name and password for the FTP site?

You can login as an anonymous user. When you do this, you will be provide with an empty folder to copy all your files to.

Will someone else be able to see the files I leave on the FTP site?

The anonymous folder will only show files that are copied over during your current session. Once you close your session, these files will not be able to be viewed again by anyone except for a Cypress employee. The same applies to anyone else that may log in as an anonymous user.

Do I need a special program to access the FTP site?